Morvelo Kuler Celeste Thermoactive long sleeve jersey review

Morvelo’s Thermoactive jersey is a warm long sleeve autumn to spring jersey that will become part of your essential cycling wardrobe very quickly. On its own, with a base layer, under a windproof or a waterproof or with a gilet it’s a hugely versatile jersey which will work hard for its slightly pricey £95.

Morvelo’s Thermoactive jersey arrived at the end of last autumn hence why you are seeing last years’ Celeste and Black coloured version in these pictures. It was immediately put into regular use as my main commuting jersey getting multiple washes a week and used for some big days out over the winter.

Morvelo Kuler Celeste Thermoactive Jersey--2.jpg

As the weather got colder I added a different outer layer to the jersey keeping it as the constant around which I created different layering systems. It has probably had more use than any other long sleeve top I’ve owned and a testament to the quality of the construction that one year on, it still looks really bright and feels luxurious on.

In many ways, it’s just a classic cold-weather jersey with its stretchy soft fleece lining and a high collar which immediately feels snug when you put it on. However, it is Morvelo’s attention to the fit that has made it so practical. The sleeves and cuffs are close fitting to prevent excess material flap, increase warmth and to help you wear it under other shell garments. The material is an undisclosed Italian fabric which is sewn into a multi-panelled construction that copes extremely well with moving heat away from your body and keeping you warm however you wear it.

There are three angled pockets on the rear which are large enough to stow a waterproof or windbreaker, a phone and other essentials. There is also a sneaky zippered pocket on the side of the righthand rear pocket that you can put your credit card and keys or potentially a small smartphone. Unfortunately, there is no headphone cable routing hole from the back of this on any of the pockets, which doesn’t bother me, but a lot of riders do use headphones and its pretty normal to see this on jerseys designed for outerwear use.

Morvelo Kuler Celeste Thermoactive Jersey--5.jpg

Staying at the rear of the jersey there is subtle square with reflective logo that is still looking good after a year and underneath that is a subtle reflective strip with the word Morvelo in it. Both are made from a stylish reflective black material that adds to the overall design of the Mint and Black jersey.

Around the bottom of the jersey, there is a silicone gripper running around the hem to keep the jacket in place. The zipper is a fine gauge YKK version and runs smoothly and is easily adjusted one handed whilst on the bike, unlike some that seem to snag on every ride. Up under the chin the zip is housed in a pocket of material so that it doesn’t irritate your neck.

Morvelo Kuler Celeste Thermoactive Jersey--7.jpg

The Thermoactive Jersey from Morvelo is an absolute belter. It’s warm and snug, and in this stylish bright colour, safe out on the road. It can be used in a variety of ways with other items in your wardrobe to keep you warm over the next 4 months. It has washed extremely well and everything still functions as you’d expect as it goes into its second winter.

The price might seem high initially but the quality is excellent. The only gripe I have is that of the lack of headphone port access hole. It doesn’t bother me, but it might you. Other than that, it’s full marks. 

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