16 of the best cycling T-shirts

[This article was last updated on November 29, 2018]

Want to proclaim your allegiance to the world’s greatest activity, sport and mode of transport? Here’s a selection of our favourite cycling-themed t-shirts so the world knows you love riding bike even when you’re not doing it.

Type ‘cycling t-shirts’ into Google and you get a vast range of choices: brand logos, political statements, jokes good and bad, homages to races and straightforward cycling-themed art.

Here’s a selection of our favourites. Feel free to add your own in the comments.


Crossbear — £25


If it’s cross season, what are you doing in a t-shirt? Sinking a couple of well-earned post-race beers (Belgian, of course).

Roadside — £13


What could be simpler and more essential than a bike, a rider and the open road?

Kraftwerk: Tour de France — £15.85

redbubble tour de france.jpg

There are a number of Kraftwerk-inspired cycling T-shirts around. We like this take on the iconic Tour de France cover.

DNA — £22

Cycology DNA

Billed as ‘the genetic road map of cyclists’ by Cycology.

Evolution — £24.09


Just in case any of your friends need reminding that cyclists are the pinnacle of human evolution.

Shut Up Legs —£19.59

Shut Up Legs team

The t-shirt brand of legendary racing character Jens Voigt includes this head badge-style team logo.


Tour de France — £22.95

250-france-wordle-light-green (1).jpg

n+one specializes in cycling t-shirts, including this homage to the great riders, teams and climbs of the Tour de France.

Lanterne Rouge —£14.79

Red Bubble Lanterne Rouge

Here’s a tribute to the race’s last-placed rider, the famed lanterne rouge. We’ve all been there.

Col de Galibier T-Shirt — £25


Monuments and climbs abound at velolove.cc and this Galibier number is a fairly typical example. Done in a cheery blue, it doesn’t scream cycling, which makes it all the better in our book.

Giro d’Italia – £9.99


A tribute to the Tour of Italy from Whistable T-Shirt Company.

Le Mont Ventoux — £25

Mavic Mt Ventoux

Often a crucial climb in the Tour de France, the windy mountain is celebrated by this t-shirt from long-time Tour neutral support provider Mavic.

Slogans and statements

Fat and money — £16.49

money and fat.jpg

Nuff said.

Too Many Bicycles — £9.93

Too Many bikes.jpg

A bit more straightforward than some of the others, but a fair bit less costly as well. It also leads us neatly on to:

Bike maths — £22


The expanded version of the timeless cyclist’s formula. Can you ever have too many? If in doubt, consult the T-shirt.

Stay Awesome — £24.99


Inspired by Transport for London’s ludicrous ‘Cyclists Stay Back’ stickers, so we include two car window stickers, two A6 stickers and five business card stickers with each t-shirt and for every tee we donate £5 to the Cyclists’ Defence Fund. The front has a small road.cc logo.


Campagnolo Classic — ~£32.00

Campagnolo T.jpg

Is there any cycling brand with a mightier heritage than Campagnolo?

Rapha — £40


Probably the UK’s most controversial cycling brand, so here’s one of their t-shirts for you to argue about.